White Stripes Share Two Vintage VH1 Performances from 2005; ‘Greatest Hits’ Out Now

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This past Friday, Dec. 4 marked the release of the first-ever Greatest Hits collection from The White Stripes. The 26-track album chronicles the musical output of Jack and Meg White from their humble beginnings as a noisy garage-rock duo through their emergence to full-fledged rock stars in just a few years’ time.

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The White Stripes vaults have been opened up for this project, that’s for sure — and on Wednesday, Third Man Records and Columbia Records dipped into the past for a pair of electric performances from a September 2005 Live @ VH1 Session geared around their album Get Behind Me Satan.

Here’s “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”:

And “My Doorbell”:

Greatest Hits also came with a new video for “Let’s Shake Hands,” which was actually the White Stripes’ first recording, appearing on their 1998 debut 7″:

The new Greatest Hits set tells their story quite effectively, tracing their beginnings in the blues/rock scene of Detroit in the late 1990s through their path into superstardom. Give it a listen below and get a sense of who they were, from start to finish.


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