‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Playing ‘Classical Gas’ on the Roof is the Catharsis We Need In These Confusing Times

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Nobody knows what exactly to do right now — the coronavirus pandemic has most of us stuck at home, either working remotely or wondering what’s next. Enter “Weird Al” Yankovic, who contributed a video of a solo rooftop performance of “Classical Gas” on Tuesday night.

Armed with just his accordion and some breathtaking canyon views, Yankovic delivered a rendition of the Mason Williams classic that took on its own Yankovic-ian spin:

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original Mason Williams composition:

As the world looks for answers, Yankovic has offered up some of his own … such as this post from last week, a clip of a performance of his Nine Inch Nails parody titled “Germs”:


And this helpful PSA about germs:


Don’t expect a “My Corona” parody from him, however.

But DO expect him to roast you mercilessly should you try your own parody … as Madonna found out this week.


We’re all looking for a guide and steady leadership right now … so look no further than “Weird Al” Yankovic.

The ongoing pandemic has inspired creativity throughout the music community. Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong headed to his bedroom to record a Tommy James & the Shondells cover, for example, while Stevie Nicks is working on her poetry and drawings — and music, inspired by Harry Styles’ latest album.

We all need a little creativity with all this free time at home …


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