Tool to Release Awaited New Album on August 30


The most recent Tool album came out in 2006. It’s been 13 years since 10,000 Days was released by the innovative and mercurial metal band, but the wait’s over … soon.

Tool posted a short, cryptic video alluding to a release coming on August 30:

This comes just after the band debuted a pair of new songs in concert over the weekend.

If this is indeed suggesting that a new album — and not just a new song — will be released on August 30, that’s big news for the rock/metal community. Fans have been waiting a long time, through front man Maynard James Keenan’s various side projects including Puscifer and A Perfect Circle, for new music.

There was also this on-stage tease of the same news at a show on Tuesday night:

So yes, this appears to really, finally, be happening.

Keenan has been teasing/trolling fans for years regarding a new record from Tool. The band’s most recent was 10,000 Days, which was released in 2006 … so it’s been a while, to say the least.

Folks noticed last week that the band suddenly has its own biography pages on Spotify and Apple Music — remember, Tool’s music has remained inaccessible via any streaming platforms for years, forcing fans to listen via purchasing tracks on iTunes or resorting to physical media.

Stay tuned ..


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