Tom Petty’s Widow, Daughters Make Amends, Join Together to Form Tom Petty Legacy, LLC

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When the iconic and irreplaceable Tom Petty passed away in 2017, it tore a hole through the music community. It also tore a hole in his family, as his widow, Dana Petty, and his two daughters, Adria and Annakim, took issue with each other’s role in managing the musician‘s estate.

Things grew especially heated when it was reported that a conflict had developed regarding a planned re-release of the Wildflowers album, involving lawsuits and the whole bit. It was ugly.

Today, though, things seem to have smoothed over — and, in fact, all parties are said to have “united” in the common goal of running the Petty estate as a collective. Via a news release:

Tom Petty’s widow Dana Petty and his two daughters, Adria and Annakim Petty are happy to announce that they have resolved their differences and dismissed all litigation matters that had been filed related to Tom’s estate. Each of them sincerely regrets that in their intense grief over Tom’s tragic death, actions were taken that were hurtful to one another.

There is also a quote attributed to Dana, Adria and Annakim Petty:

“We are pleased to announce the formation of Tom Petty Legacy, LLC to manage all aspects of Tom’s Legacy. We are committed to honoring Tom’s voice, music, integrity and his charitable spirit.”

It was also noted that each member has equal standing in Tom Petty Legacy, LLC, which should hopefully help quell any future issues.

Here’s hoping the best for all parties, and that the legacy and musical spirit of Tom Petty lives on in his memory.


  • Susan Parker says:

    Presumably, the dispute resolution involved some sort of agreement that Dana would share the management with the two girls only in exchange for not seeing her late husband’s face on jars of salad dressing.

  • SHARE.

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