Timothy B. Schmit Urges to Keep Fighting ‘The Good Fight’ with New Song Featuring Sheryl Crow (Listen)


Esteemed guitarist Timothy B. Schmit, known for his work with such iconic acts as Eagles and Poco among others (not to mention a robust solo career) has returned with a new song.

Titled “The Good Fight,” the track runs nearly eight minutes in length and features special guest Sheryl Crow, who accompanies Schmit on the recording. Listen to it below:

An admittedly catchy, funky little tune, the song has some important things to say, among them the opening lines:

Think before you talk/It matters what we do/Gotta keep your head/to get the message through,

Followed a few lines later by Crow with:

No weapons, no abuse/Love is eternal truth/And the life we live is/Nothing less than a miracle

I recorded a new song “The Good Fight” with my friend Sheryl Crow. There couldn’t be any better time than right now to release this. Hear it now at https://found.ee/TheGoodFight

Posted by Timothy B. Schmit on Thursday, November 14, 2019

It’s unclear if this is a standalone single or anything from a new album from Schmit, whose most recent solo effort was 2016’s Leap of Faith.

Around that album’s cycle, he spoke with Rock Cellar’s Ken Sharp and explained his process when it comes time to making new music. Specifically, it can take a bit of time for him:

No, these things do not come together quickly for me. (laughs)  I’m not particularly fast; some songs come quicker than others. But it mainly took so long because I was touring a lot with the Eagles. I’d try to get in a little writing and recording in between tour legs. When we sort of abruptly stopped in mid-summer of last year I said to myself, “I can’t let all these strange things that are happening around me affect my own life. I can’t let that stagnate me, I’ve gotta move forward,” which I think everybody in the band did, Don (Henley) and Joe (Walsh) and I. We kept moving forward; everybody was on the road or recording so I was able to finish it then.

So stay tuned! And be sure to catch Schmit on stage with Eagles next year on the band’s special Hotel California tour. 


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