The White Stripes Have a New, 90-Minute Yule Log Video Pairing Their Music with Some Wild Imagery

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YouTube has its issues, but one of the reliable benefits of the video platform is the existence of the “Yule log video.” Usually serene holiday scenes set to Christmastime classics, a fireplace crackling along, these clips make for delightfully relaxing ambience at home during the holiday season. The White Stripes, continuing to push their recently-released Greatest Hits collection, shared a yule log video of their own this week … kind of. Watch out, late ’90s alt/rock bands.

The 90-minute illustrated video directed by Noah Sterling features some stark imagery — as always, in the white, red and black color imagery put out by Jack and Meg White throughout their career — looping through scenes of grizzly bears, bees, dragons, vampires and more.

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Accompanying the imagery is a selection of songs from the White Stripes’ Greatest Hits set, acoustic songs, b-sides and the original Christmas song “Candy Cane Children.” It all makes for one of the most offbeat yule log videos you’ll ever see:

Add that to your YouTube rotation and pepper in a bit of twisted magic to the old standards. Why not, right?

And if you haven’t yet listened to the White Stripes Greatest Hits collection, do so below, via Spotify.


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