Listen to the Shins' New Halloween-Themed Song 'Dead Alive'


Welcome back, James Mercer and the Shins.
Halloween is just five days away as of this sentence being written, so it’s the perfect time to release a Halloween-themed new song/music video That’s precisely what the revered indie band did on Wednesday. Here’s “Dead Alive”:

As one might assume when a band that’s been quiet as long as the Shins have (it’s been four years since 2012’s Port of Morrow) releases new music, a new record is in fact in the works:

It’s expected that the new album will be out at some point in 2017. Mercer, of course, has kept busy on his own with his side project, Broken Bells, among other activities.
Stay tuned for more news regarding the Shins and their new record!


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