‘The Police: Everyone Stares,’ a Stewart Copeland Film, Hitting Blu-ray/Digital May 31

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Social media and mobile phones have afforded us all endless opportunities to document nearly every thought or event that ever happens to us — it’s a big reason we’re all as technologically obsessed as we are. For bands back in the day, though, this wasn’t possible, and that’s why it’s so impressive that drummer Stewart Copeland meticulously documented the early days of The Police as abundantly as he did.

On May 31, The Police: Everyone Stares is Copeland’s behind-the-scenes footage of the band’s career, two years into the process, edited together as a polished documentary film that will make its DVD/Blu-ray/digital debut.

From the news release:

Two years into The Police’s journey to stardom, Stewart Copeland began documenting the band’s tour around the US in the winter of 1978: traveling in the back of a van, playing clubs and sewing the seeds of their success. Everyone Stares is a story of extraordinary talent, camaraderie, hard-work and eventual world domination, by a maverick live band.

Stewart Copeland says, “In 1978, when I was a member of a struggling rock band called The Police, I scraped together enough money to buy a super 8 movie camera. As soon as I raised it to my eye and started filming, amazing things began to happen. It was like watching a movie unfold as the band sparked a fire that lit up the world for us. Everyone Stares is that movie.”

Speaking of watching Copeland on camera, enjoy our 2018 Rock Cellar TV interview with Copeland, conducted one-on-one at his private studio in Southern California. The man has charisma …


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