Watch The 1975 Explore Vulnerability in the New Video for ‘Frail State of Mind’

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Last month, The 1975 premiered “Frail State of Mind,” a new single that expressed some real, relatable sentiments of vulnerability and fragility that front man Matty Healy said was inspired in part by “anxiety,” as a song that “speaks very realistically to our modern condition.”

On Thursday, the massively successful English pop/rock band premiered a new music video for the song, and the lyrical themes in the song come to the forefront in the clip. Featuring Healy alone in a room contributing his own overexposure via a camera in his hand and a video screen displaying elements of the song as Healy sings them, the effect is undeniably powerful.

The band also performed the song on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier in the week, in a performance that featured interesting fashion and some wild, flashing lights:

The song is taken from the 1975’s upcoming album, Notes On a Conditional Form, which will be released on February 21. It stands in stark contrast to “People,” a buzzsaw of an anthem premiered by the band previously that couldn’t be more aesthetically different in feel and genre from “Frail State of Mind.”

The disparity between moods and styles expressed in these new songs is a strong example of what makes the 1975 one of the most interesting musical acts currently at it right now. They don’t stay in a “comfort zone,” so to speak, despite a global fan base in the millions.

That takes confidence.

The 1975 also previewed the new record with a track called, simply, “The 1975,” a spoken-word introduction from activist Greta Thunberg regarding climate change and civil disobedience:

Pushing the envelope of what folks “expect” is the mark of a band fully in its element, and the 1975 is clearly there right now. There’s no doubt, based on these two eclectic offerings so far, that Notes On a Conditional Form will be a huge record once it’s released.


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