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Rock Cellar Magazine
August 14, 2020
Dolly Parton: ‘Of Course Black Lives Matter — Do We Think Our Little White Asses Are the Only Ones That Matter? No!’

Dolly Parton isn’t afraid of being true to herself. For decades, the entertainment icon has been a beloved figure to millions, her fame surpassing the confines of the country realm...

Rock Cellar Magazine
July 8, 2020
Lady A, the Country/Pop Group Previously Known as Lady Antebellum, is Suing Blues Singer Lady A Over Ownership of the Name ‘Lady A’

On June 11, successful country/pop group Lady Antebellum announced it would henceforth be known as Lady A, dropping most of the second part of its name regarding the ties of...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 25, 2020
The Dixie Chicks Drop ‘Dixie’ from Their Name, Are Now Just ‘The Chicks’ (“We Want To Meet This Moment”)

The Dixie Chicks have dropped ‘Dixie’ from their name, and will henceforth be known as The Chicks. The country/pop group’s social media pages and website were updated to reflect the...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 12, 2020
Lady Antebellum’s Name Change to ‘Lady A’ is a Big Problem for Veteran Seattle Blues Singer Lady A

On Thursday, hugely successful country/pop trio Lady Antebellum announced that it will be changing its name to Lady A due to the racial connotations of the word ‘Antebellum’ — but...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 11, 2020
Country Trio Lady Antebellum Changing Name to ‘Lady A’ Due to Slavery Connotations: ‘We Are Deeply Sorry’

Nashville-based country music trio Lady Antebellum announced on Thursday that it was officially changing its name to Lady A. The decision comes after some deep reflection regarding the ties of...