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Rock Cellar Magazine
July 17, 2012
Jesse Ventura Interview: "The Whole Thing is a Fraud" (And He Doesn’t Mean Wrestling)

In his new book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, Jesse Ventura argues in favor of abolishing all political parties within what he calls a corrupt two-party system. From my perspective, I can’t advocate...

Rock Cellar Magazine
May 16, 2012
Ben Folds Don't Need No Record Label. (Interview)

"I’m excited to deliver the record to everyone who wants to hear it. I’m not at all interested in talking someone into liking the music that doesn’t like it, and I’m not even really interested in their opinion."

Rock Cellar Magazine
April 16, 2012
Donovan is BACK!

Only a handful of individuals in music are known by a single name, and a few are legends. The artist simply known as “Donovan” certainly is one of those. His...

Rock Cellar Magazine
March 19, 2012
Daniel Lanois Heads to the Hall of Fame…

In the liner notes to Daniel Lanois’ 2003 album Shine, the musician and producer writes: “What a privilege to be able to make music. And what an honor to have it received...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 16, 2012
Sweet Judy Collins Tells All (Interview)

Some songs seem as if they were written just for you.  The lyrics resonate as if they were penned by your own personal biographer. Judy Collins gets that feeling every...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 16, 2012
Is This The Last Kim Fowley Interview Ever?

There is a chance that by the time you read this interview with legendary producer/songwriter/filmmaker/actor Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley will be dead. But don’t take our word for it.  Ask...

Rock Cellar Magazine
January 12, 2012
Director Oliver Stone On History. And America, Jim Morrison & Ron Paul.

photo: ©Taili Song Roth. All Rights Reserved In this candid conversation with Rock Cellar Magazine, Oliver Stone discusses On History, the new book he co-authored with Tariq Ali, the activist/intellectual who...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 7, 2011
Punk Rock Fatherhood

If your biggest hit is the punk rock anthem Fuck Authority, when you become a father, how do you discipline your own children? That’s the fundamental contradiction and dilemma facing...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 26, 2011
Vincent Price and The Vincentennial!

Vincent Price, in that unmistakable velvety tone, once said: “A man who limits his interests, limits his life.” This year marks (what would have been) Vincent Price’s 100th birthday, and...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 14, 2011
Anne Does Jane

Ann Archer Photo by Michael Devon Anne Archer, who played Michael Douglas’ wife in the 1987 hit Fatal Attraction and Harrison Ford’s wife in 1992’s Patriot Games and 1994’s Clear and Present Danger, is back...