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Rock Cellar Magazine
June 14, 2016
Butch Vig Talks Garbage, Nirvana, '90s, Producing and Wisconsin Origins on 'Celebration Rock' Podcast

In the alt/rock world, producer/musician Butch Vig (as seen above alongside Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic) is one of the more revered figures. From producing seminal 1990s’ albums from the likes...

Rock Cellar Magazine
May 6, 2016
A Chat with Michelle Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas

When fate brought John Phillips, Michelle Phillips, Denny Doherty and “Mama” Cass Elliot together for the very first time, it was a harmonic convergence for the ages. The Mamas &...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 7, 2014
Joe Perry Rocks (The Interview)

Rocks: My Life in and Out of Aerosmith, the name of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry’s new book  is a play on the band’s classic ‘70s album which spawned such classic tracks as Back in...

Rock Cellar Magazine
April 4, 2014
Dave Mustaine Riffs on the Internet, AC/DC, and Megadeth (Interview)

From his early days as a member of Metallica to his award-winning career as the front man and guitarist of the thrash/metal outfit Megadeth, Dave Mustaine has become something of...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 3, 2013
A Long, Long Time: Linda Ronstadt Looks Back on Four Decades of Music (Interview)

Over delicate acoustic guitar finger-picking and a lush orchestral score, Linda Ronstadt sings, “’cause I’ve done everything I know to try and make you mine and I think I’m gonna love...

Rock Cellar Magazine
January 7, 2013
Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins Loves Indie Wrestling (Interview)

Although Billy Corgan is best known as the enigmatic frontman of Smashing Pumpkins, lately he has turned his creative energy toward smashing of a different variety: flying elbow smashes, for...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 14, 2012
Rolling Stones Revelations! Interview with "Crossfire Hurricane" Director Brett Morgen

In an exclusive interview, documentary filmmaker Brett Morgen reveals 11 things you may not know about the Rolling Stones.

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 1, 2012
Martha Davis: In Total Control

Martha Davis strutted in heels onto the early new-wave scene in the late 1970s as part of The Motels – an intelligent, moody, yet still-catchy pop band. With her dark brunette...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 16, 2012
Susanna Hoffs Bares All (?) in New Interview

Paying homage to ’60s-era bands like The Beach Boys, and The Mamas and the Papas, Susanna Hoffs has recently released her third solo album, Someday – her first release in 16 years....

Rock Cellar Magazine
July 17, 2012
Jesse Ventura Interview: "The Whole Thing is a Fraud" (And He Doesn’t Mean Wrestling)

In his new book DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans, Jesse Ventura argues in favor of abolishing all political parties within what he calls a corrupt two-party system. From my perspective, I can’t advocate...