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Rock Cellar Magazine
February 25, 2020
Stream a Lost Interview with Eddie Van Halen, Circa 1978, Just Before The Release of ‘Van Halen II’ (Audio)

Back in 1978, Steve Rosen — Rock Cellar contributor known for his revealing Behind the Curtain columns — interviewed Van Halen guitarist Eddie Van Halen, months before the release of...

Rock Cellar Magazine
January 14, 2020
Behind the Curtain: Stephen Stills

STEPHEN STILLS: BEHIND THE CURTAIN  I do my food shopping at a market called Ralphs. Located at the corner of Ventura Blvd. and Coldwater Canyon, the location makes it a...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 22, 2019
Imagine Having Eddie Van Halen Take Your Photo … Without Knowing Who You’d Just Asked

You know those mundane encounters we all have at one time or another with somebody famous? Catching somebody at the supermarket or doing a double-take as they wait in line...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 14, 2019
Report: Eddie Van Halen Getting Treatment for Cancer in Germany

Over the weekend, TMZ reported that iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen has been dealing with throat cancer for the past few years, “secretly” traveling between the United States and Germany...

Rock Cellar Magazine
October 1, 2019
It Sure Sounds Like Van Halen is ‘Finished,’ According to David Lee Roth

Fans holding out hope for further activity or live performances from Van Halen may have had those wishes dashed this week, at least according to someone with a unique point...

Rock Cellar Magazine
September 13, 2019
Behind the Curtain: Connecting with Guitar God George Lynch, Circa 1987

For this month’s Behind the Curtain entry, Steve Rosen recounts his experience interviewing — and connecting with — George Lynch, then of Dokken, in 1987.  In the early 1980s, glam...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 13, 2019
Behind the Curtain: Neal Schon

For his latest Behind The Curtain entry, writer Steve rosen recounts a few run-ins with renowned guitarist Neal Schon, of Santana and Journey fame …  It is 1975 and the...

Rock Cellar Magazine
August 7, 2019
Q&A: The ‘Hard Lessons’ of Rock and Roll with Foo Fighters/Solo Troubadour, Guitarist Chris Shiflett

Being a member of the Foo Fighters, one of the world’s biggest rock bands, helps swing open some pretty wide doors. When he’s not recording and touring the globe, shredding...

Rock Cellar Magazine
November 10, 2016
Behind the Curtain: Rock Roundtable

Veteran rock journalist Steve Rosen details his ambitious Rock Roundtable, a group interview with five key guitarists of the hard rock realm in this month’s Behind the Curtain…Photo by: Glen...

Rock Cellar Magazine
July 8, 2016
Behind the Curtain: Billy Gibbons and ZZ Top

Every day now for two weeks, I heard the song rise from what must have been a pair of seriously-powered speakers the size of refrigerators. Floating out over the hills...