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Rock Cellar Magazine
December 7, 2020
12/11: Harry Shearer & Judith Owen Present ‘A Very Virtual Christmas Without Tears’ Live Stream Fundraiser

The Annual Christmas Without Tears Variety Charity celebrates its 15th year in 2020, but like everything else upended by the COVID-19 pandemic and the unprecedented difficulties presented by it this...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 13, 2019
Behind the Curtain: Trying (and Failing) to Get Donald Fagen of Steely Dan to Smile

As a young, exuberant and adventurous rock writer back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, I would fly anywhere to pursue a story. On this particular day it was a trip...

Rock Cellar Magazine
April 30, 2019
Steely Dan’s Six-Night Residency in NY to Feature Full-Album Shows, More

When Walter Becker passed away in 2017, it could have spelled the end of Steely Dan — but co-founder Donald Fagen has continued on in his absence, adding to the band’s...

Rock Cellar Magazine
February 13, 2017
Top 11 Pain Songs

Vodka does not ease back pain. But it does get your mind off it. ­– Fuzzy Zoeller   11. “King of Pain” by the Police “I do my best work when...

Rock Cellar Magazine
June 7, 2016
Top 11 Songs About Teenagers

“When buying a used car, punch the buttons on the radio. If all the stations are rock and roll, there’s a good chance the transmission is shot.” – Larry Lujack...