Brooks Paschal’s Surprises Set to Release Debut Album, ‘Natural Disaster,’ on 5/31

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“Busy” is an understatement for Brooks Paschal. Producing at Mockingbird Studios, serving as the vocalist for emo rock band Sullivan and now his latest solo project, Surprises, he’s preparing for the release of its debut LP, Natural Disaster, out May 31 via Spartan Records.

“No. More pissed off,” says Paschal before ripping into the metaphorically honest title track, setting forth the vulnerability he’s  bringing to his forthcoming LP.

The track starts off acoustic before growing progressively angrier with the introduction of heavy drums paired with Paschal’s emotive vocals, a combination that adds to the pain and reflection of “Natural Disaster.”

In a press release, Paschal explains the use of this metaphor, “What struck me so hard about ‘Natural Disaster’ was that when I was writing it, I kept equivocating this toxic relationship with earthquakes and hurricanes and I realized that those things are rare events that rarely impact our lives, but people fuck with us everyday. We are the real Natural Disaster.”

Initially formed a few years ago, Paschal has been releasing music under the name Surprises for a while, with earlier songs dating back to 2011. After a two year break Paschal is back, focusing on writing without limitations by straying away from structures and rules. The end result is an album that delves heavily into Paschal’s personal experiences and explores more honest emotional territory.

The main difference between Sullivan and Surprises is the bold and direct song writing direction Paschal has taken, creating a new expressive narrative. “I’ve never tried to write about anything,” he says, “but I noticed as I sat down, a lot of me was coming out, and I experienced the catharsis that I have always heard other songwriters talk about.”

Pre-orders for Surprises’ debut LP are available on the Spartan Records website. All pre-orders include an instant download of “Natural Disaster”, and a full album download with an exclusive A Capella version of “Natural Disaster.” The first 100 pre-orders include a signed lithograph and all 3-LP bundles include a 4-piece button set.

Track listing:

1. “Tell The World”

2. “Natural Disaster”

3. “El Salvador”


5. “The Mistress and Her Heart”

6. “I Hate Myself”

7.”I Can’t See You Em”

8. “Dixie”

9.”I’ll Drive”

10. “What’s Wrong With This World”

11. “A Peace Anthem”


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