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Preview Stone Temple Pilots’ ‘Purple’ 25th Anniversary Set with a Cover of the Beach Boys’ ‘She Knows Me Too Well’


Purple was one of Stone Temple Pilots‘ most successful albums — the 1994 LP featured hits such as “Interstate Love Song” and “Vasoline,” which went on to become staples of FM rock radio for decades, both songs that helped make versatile vocalist Scott Weiland a marquee figure in that decade’s rock movement.

On Oct. 28, the album will be reissued to commemorate its 25th anniversary, and the bonus material includes a treasure trove of studio material from the recording sessions, including demos, outtakes and the like.

Surprisingly, there’s also a cover of “She Knows Me Too Well,” a relatively obscure song from the Beach Boys that was the b-side to “When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)” in its original form.

“That song and ‘Pretty Penny’ were both done during a field trip we did at one of Brendan O’Brien’s friends’ houses,” Stone Temple Pilots bassist Robert DeLeo told Rolling Stone. “We recorded them in the living room of his house on a 2 inch 8-track live tape.”

Here’s the Beach Boys’ original version of the song, for comparison’s sake:

There are a number of formats of the Purple reissue available directly from the Stone Temple Pilots’ official site — click here for more details.

Here’s the track listing for the 3-CD edition of the Purple reissue, highlighting the bonus material:

Disc One: Purple 2019 Remaster

  1. “Meat Plow”
  2. “Vasoline”
  3. “Lounge Fly”
  4. “Interstate Love Song”
  5. “Still Remains”
  6. “Pretty Penny”
  7. “Silvergun Superman”
  8. “Big Empty”
  9. “Unglued”
  10. “Army Ants”
  11. “Kitchenware & Candybars”

Disc Two: Early Versions, Demos & Acoustic

  1. “Meat Plow” – Early Version *
  2. “Interstate Love Song” – Early Version *
  3. “Big Empty” – Acoustic Version *
  4. “Unglued” – Demo *
  5. “Army Ants” – Demo *
  6. “Kitchewnware & Candybars” – Demo *
  7. “Dancing Days”
  8. “She Knows Me Too Well” – Demo *
  9. “Interstate Love Song” – Acoustic Version *

Live At KROQ Acoustic Christmas 1994

  1. “Pretty Penny” – Acoustic Version *
  2. “Kitchenware & Candybars” – Acoustic Version *
  3. “Christmastime Is Here” – Acoustic Version *

Disc Three: Live at New Haven Vererans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT, August 23, 1994

  1. “Vasoline” *
  2. “Silvergun Superman” *
  3. “Crackerman” *
  4. “Lounge Fly” *
  5. “Meat Plow” *
  6. “Still Remains” *
  7. “Gypsy Davy” *
  8. “Pretty Penny” *
  9. “Creep” *
  10. “Andy Warhol” *
  11. “Army Ants” *
  12. “Big Empty” *
  13. “Interstate Love Song” *
  14. “Plush” *
  15. “Unglued” *
  16. “Dead & Bloated” *
  17. “Sex Type Thing” *

* previously unreleased


Side 1

“Interstate Love Song”

Side 2

“Lounge Fly”


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