Stevie Nicks Went Into ICU with Double Pneumonia After 2019 Rock Hall Induction; ’24 Karat Gold’ Film Hits VOD

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In a new interview with Variety published on Oct. 25, Stevie Nicks opened up about a number of topics relevant to the legendary singer, who’s enjoyed a renewed interest in recent weeks thank to the viral success of Nathan Apodaca’s TikTok video set to the sounds of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams” (as well as her own inspired recreation video) and a brand new song of her own.

The candid conversation comes as the release of Nicks’ new 24 Karat Gold The Concert film, documenting her 2017-2018 solo tour, will be made available to rent via Video-On-Demand starting on Oct. 29:

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Of particular note in the new Variety interview is Nicks’ revelation that she was facing double pneumonia when she took the stage at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019 for her induction ceremony. That topic is couched in Nicks’ discussion of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, something she’s been quite outspoken about — urging people to wear masks and help those who might otherwise be especially vulnerable to the virus, such as herself:

“I have compromised lungs. I was really sick last year. The night of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I knew before I went on stage that something was wrong with me, so I had to really pull it together. The next day I got really sick, and I ended up going into the hospital in Philadelphia for a week in ICU with double pneumonia and human metapneumovirus and asthma. Talk about your oxygen levels going down;  my oxygen levels were hardly existing. And if I was on a ventilator… My mom was on a ventilator for a month and she was hoarse for the rest of her life. All the other side effects that come along with this virus… You may get over it and just be like, “Great, great. I’m good. It’s gone.” It’s not gone. It comes back in little ways to attack you forever. You’ll never get rid of it. So you don’t want to get it. I’m like, I’ve built like a thin paper shield of magical plastic around me, you know? Because I don’t want my career to be over. I don’t want to not pull on those boots again.”

It was at that Rock Hall induction when Nicks was formally inducted as a solo artist:

As for Stevie Nicks’ new song, “Show Them The Way,” it was premiered a couple weeks back and features Dave Grohl and Dave Stewart, the subject matter concerning Martin Luther King, Jr., JFK and other key figures in history, a concept that came to Nicks in a dream:

As she explained to Varietythe song came to Nicks back in 2008, but she held onto it until now for specific reasons:

“I did hold it back since 2008, and I just knew that right now with the presidential election and everything else that’s going on, that this was (the time). There’s two versions — an acoustic piano version with me and Greg Kurstin, my amazing producer, and then a rock ‘n’ roll version of it too, with Dave Grohl playing drums and Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics) playing lead guitar from the middle out. …  I think it’s just a spectacular song. And I hope that it is a prayer for people. It’s nonpartisan — it’s not for Republicans, it’s not for Democrats, it’s for the world, to maybe to be a moment of peace for everyone. And a moment of … you know, the silly thing where people say “Can’t everybody just get along?” It’s like, can we just figure a way out of this horrific thing that we have walked into?”

As for what she refers to as “this horrific thing that we have walked into”:

“I just mean what’s happened to the country. The country is so divided. And racism in the last four years is so much worse than it was [back in the day]. I’m 72 years old. I’ve seen all this. I lived through the ‘60s. I’ve seen it. I fought for Roe vs. Wade. That was my generation’s fight. And I don’t want to live in a country that is divisive. And I go, well, if this starts over and there’s another four years of this, we’re not welcome anywhere, so where can I go? I’m thinking, “Oh — space. Maybe I can talk Elon Musk into giving us a jet and letting me pick 50 people, and we’re like the arc, and just take us and let us live on another planet until the next four years is over.”


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