Steve Perry’s Beautiful A Cappella Performance of the Beach Boys’ ‘In My Room’ Will Give You Chills

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A couple of days ago, Steve Perry found himself deep in thought while in quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic — and the result was an absolutely brilliant rendition of a classic Beach Boys track.

Said the iconic singer in a social media post:

One late night, I was sitting in my room thinking about so many things. This song came into my mind, and it brought me some comfort. I hope it does the same for you. Stay safe, Steve

The result is a stunning rendition of “In My Room,” Perry’s vocals bursting forth from the solitude of self-isolation in a manner that will leave you breathless:

Brian Wilson himself was moved by the performance enough to share it on his social media pages, as well.

Well done, Steve. Thank you for that.

In Steve Perry-adjacent news, Journey‘s “Don’t Stop Believing” has been played at hospitals as patients are discharged after recovering from COVID-19 in another bit of inspiring material that made the rounds on social media recently:

And, of course, this Washington family made the most of its isolation by making a music video for Journey’s “Separate Ways” music video — with shot-for-shot recreations and similar outfits — to the ’80s original:


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