Legendary Guitarist Steve Cropper Debuts ‘Far Away’; New Album ‘Fire It Up’ Coming 4/23

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Legendary guitarist/songwriter/producer Steve Cropper is back in the saddle, so to speak. On April 23, he’ll release Fire It Up, a brand new studio album and his first since 2018’s Telemasters.

Officially detailed on Thursday, the news came with the premiere of a brand new song, “Far Away.”


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The bluesy and laid-back song finds the 79-year-old Cropper seamlessly hitting a groove, while lyrically touching on some especially relevant themes:

I can’t believe what I’m seeing today
It brings a tear to my eye
People divided on what they believe
Still they struggle just to get by
The day to day has become undone
And everything that’s right is wrong
Nobody listens, they just keep talkin’
Until they think they’ve won
So I’m movin’, I gotta go
Get myself to higher ground
Stop my mail and hold my calls
You won’t see me around
I’ll be goin’ far away

Steve Cropper has put together an incredible career over the years, from being a member of the Blues Brothers to holding it down as a key component of Booker T and the M.G.’s. What’s notable about Fire It Up is that this is his first proper solo album since 1969.

“I haven’t heard myself this way since the ‘60s,” the guitarist said in a statement, noting that ordinarily, “I’m a rhythm player. I set the groove. I’m always listening to the singer and the rest of band.”


  • Hunterbidensfootjob says:

    He’s a rhythm instrumentalist, not a lyricist. He needed someone to help him write the lyrics. Other than that the sound is good

  • Bruce A Manke says:

    I think the lyrics are right to the point and I love this song! Note to “the Critics Section”: If lyrics tell a good story and there’s also a working rhyme element going, that’s a pretty good song.
    The playing on this number has great production quality and the ensemble sounds tremendous. This one is gonna get airplay…..you watch!

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