Best New Music: If You Love Star Wars and Heavy Metal, Galactic Empire's New Debut LP is Definitely For You


The music of Star Wars is well-known to just about everyone — even those that aren’t fans of the film series and its expanded universe knows some of its powerful orchestration, most of it from the great John Williams.
Similarly, quite a lot of people enjoy heavy metal music. Naturally, then, combining the two would be something sure to be a hit with all kinds of people, right?
Enter Galactic Empire, a mysterious band of individuals in full Star Wars character regalia, shredding their way through classic themes including the Imperial March:

Darth Vader on lead guitar! Boba Fett on drums!
We have to imagine, back when Galactic Empire was forming in some dark corner of the galaxy, that Boba Fett showed up, was told “go man the drum kit,” to which he replied “As you wish.”

ANYWAY: the group’s debut self-titled album is out today after a successful fundraising campaign. Stream it below via Spotify:

May the Force be with you, but also, with this band. Forever.


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