Ronnie Wood Painted Some Picasso-Era Abstract Art of the Rolling Stones, and You Can Buy It

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In addition to being a longtime member of the Rolling Stones, Ronnie Wood also dabbles in art — and he recently merged the two hobbies with a series of abstract, Picasso-inspired paintings of the band.

"I call it 'The Picasso Stones'. It's my interpretation of Picasso’s painting 'The Three Dancers'.“Looking at the…

Posted by Ronnie Wood on Friday, April 26, 2019

Wood’s official website has a selection of art pieces up for pre-order now — for weighty prices, as the cheapest is $795 and the most expensive single piece is $1950.

Wood’s statement, in non-Facebook post format:

“I call it ‘The Picasso Stones’. It’s my interpretation of Picasso’s painting ‘The Three Dancers’.

“Looking at the original, I was inspired to do my own take featuring the boys. I did a few versions and each one was slightly different and more honed than the last. I had great fun doing it.

“Picasso did his own take on a lot of artists but I bet he never thought anyone would ever do a take on him. I hope and think he’d be flattered, but also a bit shocked and pleasantly surprised at my take on his work.”

If you’re interested, check out the options available at his online shop!


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