Robyn Hitchcock's New Self-Titled LP is an 'Ecstatic Work of Negativity' — Stream 'I Want To Tell You About What I Want'

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English guitarist/songwriter Robyn Hitchcock has been rather prolific lately, having released a record called The Man Upstairs in 2014 — but he’s back at it again and will release his first-ever self-titled album on April 21 via YepRoc
As Hitchcock told NPR, the material on this album is “an ecstatic work of negativity” in light of recent world events. He went on:
“The original title of the song was ‘My Vision Of World Empathy.’ Either we will eventually become extinct and be replaced by cats with articulated thumbs who have evolved the way apes slowly evolved into us, or we will become empathic and mildly telepathic — people like Donald Trump won’t happen because biologically no human will be born with that lack of empathy. We will become a species that isn’t capable of bullying because we can feel what we’re doing to other people. There is obviously some evolutionary step between the human and the angel that needs to take place. Maybe when we have enough suffering credits, our DNA will go, ‘Right! Here we go! Homo angelicus — it can read your mind, it’s compassionate, it can levitate and it’s a great lover! It shares its fish sticks with you and flies you back in time to see The Velvet Underground!’ That is what we need to become.”
The album was recorded in Nashville by Hitchcock and producer Brendan Benson, and includes contributions from Gillian Welch, Grant Lee-Phillips, Pat Sansone and Emma Swift. Pre-orders are up now at this link.
Here’s the album’s track listing, as well as the premiere of “I Want To Tell You About What I Want”:
1. “I Want To Tell You About What I Want”
2. “Virginia Woolf”
3. “I Pray When I’m Drunk”
4. “Mad Shelley’s Letterbox”
5. “Sayonara Judge”
6. “Detective Mindhorn”
7. “1970 In Aspic”
8. “Raymond And The Wires”
9. “Autumn Sunglasses”
10. “Time Coast”

And Hitchcock’s upcoming tour dates:
Feb 28 — Brooklyn, NY — Rough Trade NYC
Mar 1 — New York, NY — Bowery Ballroom
Mar 2 — Sellersville, PA — Sellersville Theatre 1894
Mar 3 — Somerville, MA — Once Ballroom
June 1 — Boulder, CO — eTown
June 3 — Denver, CO — Daniels Hall, Swallow Hill
June 5 — Los Angeles, CA — Largo at the Coronet
July 1 — Ipswich, UK — Maverick Music Festival


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