Robert Plant Performed Led Zeppelin’s ‘Immigrant Song’ for the First Time in 23 Years — in Iceland, Naturally

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It’s no secret that Robert Plant isn’t into the whole “nostalgia” thing — it’s a big reason why the legendary singer hasn’t helped facilitate a Led Zeppelin reunion over the years.

No, he’s out touring the world as an accomplished solo act with his band, the Sensational Space Shifters. But he still manages to add in a few Zeppelin classics when the mood strikes … and recently, he dusted off one he hadn’t performed live in 23 years.

“Immigrant Song” is one of Zep’s most recognizable, signature songs, Plant’s howl ripping through the air as the hard-charging song plows ahead, telling tales of Valhalla and viking might. Plant busted it out at Iceland’s Summer Solstice Festival recently, which is great given the whole lyrical bit about “the land of ice and snow”:

From that video, it’s clear Plant can’t quite hit those screeching high notes anymore, but so what? Hearing him sing the song is great regardless. Rolling Stone noted that the most recent time he’s performed the song in any form was 1996 with Jimmy Page, so it’s been quite a while.

This other fan video from the show has strong audio but blurry video, but it shows that the song was tacked on to the end of “Ramble On,” as a nice surprise for fans in attendance.

In Jeff Slate’s 2018 interview with Plant, he discussed how much he is enjoying his current creative period with the Sensational Space Shifters — and how it differs from what he did with Zeppelin:

“In those times we just used everything we had available to us. There were, you know, the guitar effects, keyboard stuff. Fantastic. Ludwig’s amazing work for John.

But now we have this mesh of sound. A huge wall of sound. It’s an exotica. It’s a place to be. It’s almost like an empire of sound and it’s not for the squeamish some of the time.”


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