Happy 72nd Birthday to Robert Plant — it’s a ‘Celebration Day’ for a Rock and Roll Free Spirit

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His voice is the stuff of legend, as the saying goes, Robert Plant’s otherworldly howl reaching unfathomable heights during the heyday of Led Zeppelin. Today, Aug. 20, Robert Plant celebrates his 72nd birthday, so we at Rock Cellar figured a little “Celebration Day” was in order:

Now, it would be great if Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page — the remaining members of Led Zeppelin — were able to gather together once more for a live concert. It’s something they haven’t done since the one-off live reunion in 2007 that led to the Celebration Day live album/film in 2012 (click here to grab a copy from our Rock Cellar Store).

But anybody who knows anything about Plant’s career knows he’s not interested in that (in fact, he’s releasing an anthology of solo material soon). For years, he’s continued on his own path with a solo career, peppering in Zeppelin songs with his live shows with the Sensational Space Shifters:

But he’s remained publicly disinterested in the frenzy that another Led Zeppelin reformation would cause — and that’s admirable! So many “legacy acts” succumb to the pull of the reunion tour (in non-pandemic times, at least), but Robert Plant has yet to come around on that. Given his stature as one of the foremost vocalists in rock music history, that’s a powerful position to maintain.

So here’s a birthday toast to Robert Plant, a true original and a free spirit.

For more, click here to read our 2018 interview. A snippet, providing some insight into who he is creatively these days:

Very few people in your position have reinvented themselves completely in the way you have – several times, in fact, in the last 15 years – and created a whole new way of working for themselves. Like after The Beatles, Paul McCartney totally reinvented himself as a writer and as a creative person and even producer, so that Wings didn’t sound anything like The Beatles. He was drawing on a different palette.

Robert Plant: Well, there’s an essence, I think, that moves through everything that I’m involved with, and that is stimulation. If you’re going to be a mug all your life, asking people to tune in to your inner sanctum of creative whatever, it’s not always going to be consistent work or consistent quality, even. But that’s important. It’s important that there should always be a limber approach to what we do, which when we go out and twist and reshape everything — and that was prevalent right away for Led Zeppelin, and it remains that way for me – keeps everything interesting, for me as well as the audience, whether it’s working with T-Bone or Buddy and Patty or the Afro Celt System or going to Northern Valley to play with the Sensational Space Shifters.


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