Here’s a Photo of Robert Plant and Tony Iommi Running Into Each Other at the Airport

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What would you do if you’re sitting at the airport awaiting a flight and notice two living legends just a few feet away? Apparently, according to a photo circulating around social media on Friday, two icons converged when Robert Plant and Tony Iommi ran into each other at the airport in Nashville (along with, perhaps, Ralph Baker, Iommi’s manager).

Judging by the photo, nobody around them really seems to have noticed at all, which actually does make a bit of sense. After all, there are few experiences more stressful and frustrating, sometimes, than going to the airport, and any time to spend resting and catching a quick nap is a gift.

But still — ROBERT PLANT AND TONY IOMMI, music legends, responsible for some of the most classic music ever laid down in the studio, together. By random happenstance. A post in a Iommi Facebook group — which may have brought this photo to the masses in the first place — suggested that the Black Sabbath guitarist was in Nashville this week touring the Gibson factories, for what it’s worth.

As for Plant, the man known for decades of showmanship leading Led Zeppelin before setting out on an inventive solo career (remaining true to his artistic vision all the while), it’s anyone’s guess … it’s hard to look at that photo without imagining what a Plant/Iommi project might sound like, though.

The main takeaway from all of this, obviously, is that big, famous legends are just like the rest of us when we run into an old friend at the airport!


  • Jon Schappell says:

    Yeah, don’t even bother mentioning Peter Frampton standing there with them.

  • Bob Fast says:

    The loser who took pic has done it at a low sneaky angle and probably took dozens to get it right, no doubt to get kudos on their pitiful, free, social media. So desperate, so sad, and nothing to do with music.

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