Out Now: ‘The Ritual Begins at Sundown,’ a Psychedelic New Album from Robby Krieger of The Doors (Listen/Buy)

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The Ritual Begins at Sundown is a dramatic name for an album — and a fitting one for Robby Krieger, guitarist of The Doors.

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Today, the legendary guitarist releases his new record, a mind-bending instrumental affair that saw its release date pushed back a bit due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Collaborating with his longtime colleague Arthur Barrow (an esteemed Frank Zappa alum), the record also features other Zappa alumni, including Jock Ellis (Trombone), Sal Marquez (Trumpet) and Tommy Mars (Keys) as well as AeB Bryne (Flute), Vince Denim (Sax), Chuck Manning (Sax), Joel Wackerman (Drums) and Joel Taylor (Drums).

The album is out today, Aug. 14, via Mascot Label Group/The Players Club.

More on the record, per a press release:

The album really is a return to friends with his relationship with Barrow and Sal Marquez dating all the way back to his first solo album. “After The Doors I started becoming interested in Jazz and started hanging out with a guy called Sal Marquez,” he says. “So we put this band together and that was the first Robby Krieger band and we played at the Whiskey A-Go-Go with Don Preston, Zappa’s keyboard player. Arthur Barrow who was a huge Zappa fan –  this was before he worked with Frank – he decided that, after graduating from North Texas State music school that he was gonna come out to LA and try to get into Frank’s band, which was pretty brash of him,” he laughs. “He started hanging out with Don and with Zappa, Don was in my band so we decided to put Arthur in charge of the mixing at the Whiskey for our shows, that’s when I first met him in the 70s.”

The Ritual Begins at Sundown will feature 10 tracks, all of them instrumental, recorded at Krieger’s own Horse Latitudes Studio in Los Angeles — Krieger and the Zappa alumni even tackle the Zappa track “Chunga’s Revenge,” in addition to the other nine original compositions on the album.

It’s very much the sort of listening experience tailored for an audience accustomed to Robby Krieger and the psychedelic vibe of The Doors. Enjoy the album below, via Spotify:


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