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Go to Outer Space to Destroy Aliens with Guitar Solos, Laser Guns and a Giant Cat Robot (?) in Rival Tides’ New Video for ‘Vultures’


Space. The final frontier. For centuries, mankind has sought to seek a partnership with our neighbors from another dimension in hopes of furthering the cause of both species. Sometimes, though, that isn’t possible — especially when the aliens are hostile. The life forms that Los Angeles-based four-piece Rival Tides square off against in their new video for “Vultures” are very hostile, so the band had to stage quite an epic space quest to restore balance to the galaxy.

The video, premiered on Monday via Pure Grain Audio, finds the band members in flashy suits, sporting flashy space laser guns and engaging in some serious space drama. A guitar solo is even used as a powerful weapon at one point. That’s the level of silly (and epic) that we’re dealing with here, people.

Said the band in a statement about the “Vultures” video:

“‘Vultures!’ is about the struggle against having feelings of self-doubt and distrust in others. We recorded it with Beau Burchell, of Saosin, as part of our upcoming album, ‘My God Is Fire’, and it’s now a standout song for us. The guitar solo came to life in the studio and added a whole other level to the track. We knew we had to highlight that in the video in the most ridiculous way possible.”

The song comes from Rival Tides’ new album, My God is Fire, which will be released on Friday March 15 and can be pre-ordered here. It’s the second song released from the album, following lead single “All My Friends Are Stoned,” which also has a video of its own:

For those in the Los Angeles area, Rival Tides will play a special album release show at the Satellite in Silverlake on Thursday, March 28 — tickets are available at this link.


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