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Rammstein Explore an Island and Its Inhabitants in the Band’s New Video for ‘Auslander’


When German hard rock/industrial legends Rammstein released their new self-titled album in mid-May, it made a strong impression. The band’s trademark sinister elements and near-relentless barrage of riffs and rhythm was on full display, as always, but so too was a sense of inescapable melody on tracks like “Auslander.”

That song, which almost veers into remix-ready status due to its propulsive drum beat and hook, has its own video and true to its title “Auslander” — which means “Foreigners” in German — the band members are just that when they ride a boat to an exotic island and mingle with its inhabitants before leaving.

It’s probably a comment on colonialism, and it makes for an interesting view. Note that this video is definitely NSFW, in true Rammstein fashion.

Rammstein (the album) debuted at No. 9 on the U.S. charts, the highest position on the U.S. charts ever achieved by a Rammstein album. That’s impressive.

Showing just how big the band still is on the global level, the album hit No. 1 in a number of countries:

The untitled record has debuted at #1 in 14 countries—Germany (its tenth #1 in its home country), Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, Poland and Austria—as well as #2 in Sweden, Spain and the Czech Republic, #3 in the UK (the highest a German-speaking artist has charted in UK history) and Latvia, #4 in Lithuania, and #5 in Italy and Australia.

While the band hasn’t announced U.S. tour dates yet — and with the rumors that this could be Rammstein’s final studio album and world tour — it seems inevitable that the group will bring its incendiary and explosive live show stateside one more time. Until then, here are Rammstein’s mostly sold-out European stadium tour dates for the near future:

06/01/19 – Barcelona, Spain – RCDE Stadium
06/05/19 – Bern, Switzerland – Stade de Suisse (SOLD OUT)
06/08/19 – Munich, Germany – Olympiastadion (SOLD OUT)
06/09/19 – Munich, Germany – Olympiastadion (SOLD OUT)
06/12/19 – Dresden, Germany – Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion (SOLD OUT)
06/13/19 – Dresden, Germany – Rudolf-Harbig-Stadion (SOLD OUT)
06/16/19 – Rostock, Germany – Ostseestadion (SOLD OUT)
06/19/19 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Telia Parken (SOLD OUT)
06/22/19 – Berlin, Germany – Olympiastadion (SOLD OUT)
06/25/19 – Rotterdam, Netherlands – De Kuip (SOLD OUT)
06/28/19 – Paris, France – Paris La Défense Arena (SOLD OUT)
06/29/19 – Paris, France – Paris La Défense Arena (SOLD OUT)
07/02/19 – Hannover, Germany – HDI Arena (SOLD OUT)
07/06/19 – Milton Keynes, United Kingdom – Stadium MK
07/10/19 – Brussels, Belgium – Stade Roi Baudouin (SOLD OUT)
07/13/19 – Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Commerzbank-Arena (SOLD OUT)
07/16/19 – Prague, Czech Republic – Eden Aréna (SOLD OUT)
07/17/19 – Prague, Czech Republic – Eden Aréna (SOLD OUT)
07/20/19 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg – Roeser Festival Grounds (SOLD OUT)
07/24/19 – Chorzów, Poland – Stadion Śląski (SOLD OUT)
07/29/19 – Moscow, Russia – VTB Arena, Central Dynamo Stadium (SOLD OUT)
08/02/19 – Saint Petersburg, Russia – Gazprom Arena
08/06/19 – Riga, Latvia – Lucavsala
08/10/19 – Tampere, Finland – Ratina Stadion (SOLD OUT)
08/14/19 – Stockholm, Sweden – Stockholm Stadion (SOLD OUT)
08/18/19 – Oslo, Norway – Ullevaal Stadion (SOLD OUT)
08/22/19 – Vienna, Austria – Ernst-Happel-Stadion
08/23/19 – Vienna, Austria – Ernst-Happel-Stadion


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