Queen Continues ‘The Greatest’ YouTube Series with ‘1976 Live in Hyde Park – Picnic by The Serpentine’

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The latest installment of The Greatest, the ongoing YouTube series from Queen, was debuted on Friday as the newest chapter of archival videos championing important moments in the English rock group‘s vaunted history.

This one’s titled Queen: 1976 Live in Hyde Park – Picnic by The Serpentine, capturing another momentous excerpt from the band’s 1970s rise — a “thank-you,” of sorts, to fans at London’s Hyde Park in 1976.

Following their breakthrough year of 1975, Queen wanted to say thank you to their UK fans, and what better way than to stage an enormous free concert in London’s Hyde Park. It was Queen’s biggest show to date, and as rare interview and news footage from the time reveals, it truly was a night to remember.

As shared in a news release, the show almost didn’t happen! Said guitarist Brian May to that effect around the time of the show:

“It took a lot of people about 8 or 9 weeks solid work, including us, and all the traumas from not being able to get permission to do it, to wondering about whether the grass was OK. There was a drought at that time, and they didn’t want us to play if it didn’t rain, which is kind of an unusual thing. Lots of things like that, right up to the last moment.

“(And) then getting very, incredibly, naturally kind of high before going on because although we’d played to large audiences before, this is London, it’s our home and that’s something different.”

And May, looking back:

 “I remember thinking … gulp … you know, we’ve carved out a place around the world, but England doesn’t really think we’re that cool. It was packed beyond belief, and it was really like coming home to a sort of hero’s welcome.”

As for the previous installments in the Queen — The Greatest series, here’s a handy YouTube playlist so you can catch up on what you’ve missed thus far.


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