Preview ‘The Quiet One,’ the New Documentary About Ex-Rolling Stones Bassist Bill Wyman (Out 6/21)


Bill Wyman manned the bass with the Rolling Stones for thirty years — and his experiences will be the focus of a new documentary titled The Quiet One, which will be released on June 21 after a run on the film festival circuit.

The doc has attracted a considerable amount of buzz at festivals due to how it portrays Wyman, who was a member of the Stones from 1962 through 1993, before splitting from the group and blazing his own musical path.

Here’s the film’s trailer:

A noteworthy line in the clip comes from Keith Richards, who jokes, “It is all a bit of a haze to me. If I want to know what I did in those years, I’d have to ask Bill Wyman.”

Since leaving the band, Bill Wyman has only taken part in one performance with the band — in 2012, but that’s been it as far as “reunions” are concerned.

Directed by Oliver Murray, The Quiet One aims to depict Wyman as the interesting character he was, while pointing out his contributions with the Stones during his run with the band.

Throughout his three-decade career as a founding member of and bassist for The Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman was known to the world as the “quiet one” in the band. Now, the famously private music legend speaks out about his extraordinary life and experiences as part of “the greatest rock and roll band in the world.” Opening up his vast personal archive—a lifetime’s worth of previously unseen home movies, photographs, and memorabilia—Wyman reflects on his early years with The Stones, the band’s meteoric rise to fame, and his search for a sense of “normalcy” amidst the whirlwind of sex, drugs, and rebellion. Endearingly humble and down-to-earth, Wyman pulls back the curtain to offer a one-of-a-kind perspective on life as a reluctant rock star.


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