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The Presidents of the United States of America Dropped the Best Kickstarter Campaign Ever (for 25th Anniversary Vinyl) … on Presidents Day


Today, Monday, Feb. 17, is Presidents Day in the U.S. — so what better day for quirky alt/rock band The Presidents of the United States of America to announce some big news?

The band, which isn’t technically still around as a touring unit, announced a special 25th anniversary vinyl release of their 1995 self-titled album. You know, the one with “Lump”:

and “Peaches”;

That’s exciting enough, as the album had not previously been released in vinyl in any format — but the Kickstarter campaign the band launched for pre-orders for the reissue is just fantastic. From top to bottom, it’s riddled with puns, jokes and enough zany irreverence to make you sit back and think, “Yeah, that sounds like the Presidents of the United States of America.”

Example No. 1:

1995 was a time when vinyl seemed like a format whose days were numbered. Because OMG COMPACT DISCS! We stayed very busy circling the globe and kicking out the jams and selling gajillions of these “CDs.” Here are some of the concepts we may have lost track of during this turbulent time:

clean laundry
time zones
occasionally eating salad
releasing our album on vinyl
It wasn’t until years later when INTERNET let people talk to us that we found out we had made a huge mistake

So here we are, coming up on its 25th birthday….BOOM VINYL PUSA!

Example No. 2:

We are post-rock-band. While we remain friends and enjoy frequent lunches together, we have no label, no management, no infrastructure, no “team”. That’s OK though! We  don’t need any of that stuff!*** Thanks to INTERNET and whatnot the music is out there for anyone who wants to hear it (that’s my vague understanding of INTERNET.)

And (this is important) we own most of our music, including this album! So involving a label again is kind of the opposite of what we want moving forward. Kickstarter gives us the chance to bring this directly to you, and (also important) figure out how many of you are interested in having one of these hot slabs of wax!  Also: not for nothing, but our research shows that people in general like and trust Kickstarter the most out of all the crowdfunding sites!

Example No. 3:

  • Both formats here are from when we remastered the album in 2005 with Vlado Meller (who is a big deal in the mastering game). It’s a little bit shinier than the original, and we like it a lot. So much in fact, that we could find no legit excuse to remaster it again for vinyl.*****
  •  Everyone gets a link to the album as either WAV or 320k mp3 files. I don’t know what that means, but I’m sure they will be higher quality than listening on a streaming service, or most regular mp3 files. So that’s nice. 
  • tl;dr the digital stuff will sound better than what you have unless you have the 10 year anniversary edition in some form already.
  • AND I believe we’ve already mentioned there is a HOT SLAB OF WAX involved! Please take this moment to admire it again! 

*****TURNS OUT the main reason one would want to re-master specifically for vinyl has something to do with the gain levels of stuff that was originally mastered for CD yadda yada I don’t know I may have fallen asleep while I wrote this sentence anyway Vlado addressed that and it sounds great so let’s relax with a martini poolside

And so on. It’s rare to find a Kickstarter page this carefully crafted and on-brand, so kudos to PUSA for the attention to detail.


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