New from Brazilian Soccer Legend Pelé + Rodrigo y Gabriela: Hear ‘Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man)’

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Some musical collaborations make immediate sense — and others catch you completely off guard. When those unexpected ones pan out, it’s a real treat — and that’s the case with “Acredita No Véio (Listen To The Old Man),” a brand new song from legendary soccer star Pelé and Mexican acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela.

That’s right, Pelé. The long-retired Brazilian soccer star teamed up with the esteemed guitar duo for this song, released three days shy of Pelé’s 80th birthday on Oct. 23.

I’ve written many books, I’ve scored many goals, I’ve fathered children, I’ve planted many trees,” said Pele in a statement. “The only thing that’s lacking is a musical memento of my life.”

Interestingly, the song dates back to 2005, when Pele and his friend and musical partner, Brazilian jazz musician and arranger Ruria Duprat. Its subject matter concerns soccer, naturally:

“I wrote this one because when I used to play with Santos, the coach used to say that when we lost, it was the players’ fault, but when we won, it was the macumba (black magic) that had helped. The song is joking about that – of course, macumba doesn’t win games at all.” 

Listen to the song and enjoy its animated video below:

Per a news release, Pele has “always been crazy about music and songwriting,” but he was hesitant to bring it to the forefront in years past:

“I didn’t want the public to make the comparison between Pelé the composer and Pelé the footballer. That would have been a huge injustice – in football my talent was a gift from God, music was just for fun.”

Said Rodrigo y Gabriela of this collaboration:

“We are both big soccer fans. Growing up in Mexico City, we heard many stories about Pelé and the legendary Brazilian team that triumphed at the 1970 World Cup in our homeland. Imagine our surprise and delight to find out that not only is Pelé the greatest footballer of all-time, but is also a very talented singer and songwriter? It is a huge honor for us to collaborate with Pelé on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.”



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