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Sir Patrick Stewart is Reading One Shakespeare Sonnet a Day to Help Calm the Madness of Coronavirus


If you haven’t yet followed Sir Patrick Stewart on social media, let this be your wake-up call.

For much of this week, with the world coming to grips with the coronavirus pandemic and the difficulties it’s put on everything, the iconic actor with the golden voice known for his steady leadership as Captain Jean-Luc Picard on Star Trek has been delivering relaxation sessions on his social media pages … by reading Shakespearean sonnets.

It began three days ago with a simple recitation of Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116:

This earned a rapturous reaction from people on the internet, as it’s precisely the sort of eloquent, calm reservation we need in these confusing times.

Inspired by the reception, Stewart then decided to do one of these each day — a gift for all of us, truly.

And another one:

Sonnet 3 came on Tuesday:

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With Sonnet 4 the focus of Patrick Stewart and his improvisational soliloquy on Wednesday:

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Will this really continue each day for the foreseeable future? It seems as if he has plenty of time at home right now — as much of us do, given the circumstances of a global pandemic that has paused everything about “normal life” for the time being — so here’s hoping we’ll continue to get a Sonnet a Day for however long it takes for this all to blow over.


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