New Found Glory Earns a New Fan in New Video for the Catchy ‘Stay Awhile,’ from ‘Forever + Ever x Infinity’

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When New Found Glory is at its best, the pop-punk vets blend machine-gun guitar riffs with instantly memorable choruses — that’s at the core of what’s helped the Florida-based band stick around Forever + Ever x Infinity, to borrow the name of the group’s new album.

One of the most notable songs off the new record is “Stay Awhile,” which is a perfect example of the marriage between melody and pop-punk energy that the band does so well. A music video for the song was premiered on Thursday, and it’s a straightforward clip of the band playing in an apartment, attracting the interest of a nearby kid:

The song is representative of NFG’s latest album, the band’s tenth full-length to date and a resilient, confident collection of high-energy singalongs.

We’re roughly two decades removed from the peak of Warped Tour culture and teens making the yearly pilgrimage to sun-soaked festival setups in parking lots to watch abbreviated sets from acts up and down the punk/rock world and beyond. Most of the bands that frequented the Warped stage are now legacy acts, if they’re even together anymore.

And yet, New Found Glory — Jordan Pundik (vocals), Chad Gilbert (guitar), Cyrus Bolooki (drums) — keeps pumping out albums and, in non-pandemic conditions, would be out on the road once again this summer.

Stream Forever + Ever x Infinity below, via Spotify:


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