Neil Young Shares 2019 Performance Video of ‘Southern Man,’ Says ‘It’s Time for Real Change, New Laws, New Rules for Policing’

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Among his many timeless songs that represent the cultural experience of when they were written, “Southern Man” remains one of the most relevant Neil Young has created, a legacy to his songcraft and ability to capture the pulse of a specific moment in time.

Released in 1970 on the singer/songwriter‘s After the Gold Rush album, the song describes the racism faced by African Americans in the southern region of the United States.

Southern man better keep your head
Don’t forget what your good book said
Southern change gonna come at last
Now your crosses are burning fast

With the Black Lives Matter protests in response to the police killing of George Floyd on May 25, Young has premiered a 2019 live video of the song dedicated to what’s going on right now.

As he posted on his Neil Young Archives site (click here to watch the video, as it’s only available there):

“Here’s me as an old guy singin’ his 50-year-old song that was written after countless years of racism in the USA. And look at us today! This has been going on for way too long. It’s not just ‘Southern Man’ now. It’s everywhere across the USA. It’s time for real change, new laws, new rules for policing.”

Always one to be active regarding social issues, Young’s social media pages have shared similar sentiments, as well as resources for those interested:

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In related Neil Young news, his long awaited unreleased album, Homegrown, will finally see the light of day — officially, at least — on June 19. 


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