Out Now: Neil Young + Crazy Horse ‘Return to Greendale’ Live Album/Film (Listen)

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Today, Nov. 6, Neil Young + Crazy Horse release Return to Greendale, a live album/concert film documenting the innovative live production Young and his band mates gave its 2003 album, a 10-song rock opera set in a fictitious California sea town.

The album is available in a few formats:

2-CD (Click here to purchase from our Rock Cellar Store)
2-LP (Click here to purchase from our Rock Cellar Store)
Limited Edition Deluxe 2-LP/2-CD/DVD/Blu-ray set (Click here to purchase from our Rock Cellar Store)

The decision to reissue this album in this format came about in large part due to the sense of relevance it has in 2020.

Per a news release,the songs and performance remain topical as ever, powered by themes of environmentalism, corruption, and the destructive effects of capitalism. Featuring Young’s trusty partners Crazy Horse, the Toronto recording captures the epic experience of Young’s immersive, small-town rock opera. The multimedia exploit seamlessly blended Young’s powerful lyrics and Crazy Horse’s heavy blues thrash with musical theatre, as actors joined the band onstage to play out Greendale’s narrative as it unfolded. Like Greendale itself, the show eschews elaborate production in favor of a ragged and rough-hewn feel that does right by its source material. 

Here’s a short flashback to the Greendale tour:

Stream Return to Greendale from Neil Young and Crazy Horse below, via Spotify:


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