Preview Neil Young with Crazy Horse’s New ‘Colorado’ LP with a Behind-The-Scenes Video

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On Oct. 25, Neil Young with Crazy Horse will release a new album, Colorado, the ensemble‘s first since 2012.

The album was previewed recently with the track “Milky Way,” and a second pre-release song was also premiered in advance of the record. Here’s “Rainbow of Colors”:

And “Milky Way”:

In addition to the songs, Neil Young’s social channels posted a brief behind-the-scenes video about the making of the album, too:

Word about the album, originally posted at the Neil Young Archives site:

“The first track from COLORADO, our next Crazy Horse album, is coming out this month. Billy, Ralphie, Nils and I are all very happy to bring ‘Rainbow of Colors’ to you in all its ragged glory, as my original producer and life-long friend, the late David Briggs once said. 

10 new songs ranging 3 minutes to over 13 minutes, will be coming your way. We hope you love this new album as much as we do. “

In addition to a new record of music, a behind-the-scenes documentary titled Mountain Top Sessions will also be released in conjunction with the album.

Here’s the track listing for Colorado:

1. “Think of Me”
2. “She Showed Me Love”
3. “Olden Days”
4. “Help Me Lose My Mind”
5. “Green Is Blue”
6. “Shut It Down”
7. ‘Milky Way”
8. “Eternity”
9. “Rainbow of Colors”
10. “I Do”



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