Neil Young + Crazy Horse Face Climate Change and Other Worldly Issues Head-On with Charged New Album ‘Colorado’ — Listen

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On “Shut It Down,” a new song from the Neil Young & Crazy Horse album Colorado, which was released on Friday, Young shouts the following impassioned lyrics:

People tryin’ to save this earth
From an ugly death
Have to shut the whole system down
People tryin’ to live, working
In a world of meat factories

He continues:

What about the animals?
What about the birds and bees?
Have to shut the whole system down
What about the bookshelves?
What about the history?

It’s all set to jangly, squealing guitars, and it’s especially effective in conveying exactly what the legendary Young is trying to accomplish with this album: Relentlessly heart-on-sleeve subject matter consistent with what he’s been saying and doing for years.

When it was announced that Neil Young and Crazy Horse was preparing its first album since Psychedelic Pill in 2012, songs like “Shut It Down” seemed inevitable. After all, who is Neil Young besides one of the most outspoken advocates of environmentally and societally-conscious material for decades?

Also inevitable, undoubtedly, is the negative attention songs like these will attract from those who disagree with Young’s stance on things — that just comes with the territory in today’s hyper-polarized, reactionary world — but so be it.

In addition to the album, the band will also release an accompanying documentary film titled Mountaintop, news that was announced with the album when it was first revealed.

Mountaintop‘s official synopsis:

A raw and extremely unfiltered look at the process of Neil Young with Crazy Horse making their 1st album in 7 years. Witness the laughter, tensions, crusty attitudes & love of a rock & roll band that’s been together for 50 years as they share their passion, first and foremost … for the music.

The Mountaintop film has its own website dedicated to the short theatrical run, with a list of participating states and theaters taking part — click here to view that.

Stream the Colorado album below, via Spotify:


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