10-Year-Old Nandi Bushell Covers Muse’s ‘Plug-In Baby,’ Impresses Muse with Her Effort

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For her latest musical exploit, 10-year-old music prodigy/multi-instrumentalist Nandi Bushell tackled a complex song from English rock/experimental pioneers Muse — but not one of their breakthrough songs that helped the group hit superstardom.

No, before “Time is Running Out” or “Knights of Cydonia” made Matt Bellamy and the trio arena headliners in the United States, the band cut its teeth with a series of intriguing records, including 2001’s Origin of Symmetry. “Plug-In Baby,” one of the album’s standout tracks and a live staple in the Muse set list, was the focus of Bushell’s energy for her new video.

But it wasn’t easy, as Bushell said with the video:

This was one of my most challenging covers so far. The Guitar and Bass are so fast I really had to practice a lot to get my playing up to speed. Everything you hear is me. No backing tracks. I recorded each track using Logic Pro.

This is my 3 Muse cover now. I want to be able to play like all 3 members of Muse. Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard. @Muse – 20 Years of Plug In Baby. I was -10 when it came out 🙂

Oh, and by the way — Muse loved it.

As for her previous Muse covers, here’s her drum take on “Hysteria”:

As always, you should feel compelled to subscribe to Nandi Bushell via her YouTube channel to keep up to date with her latest musical adventures — and click here to read some of our previous coverage (and there’s quite a bit!).


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