Mick Jagger: Lost Rolling Stones Songs on ‘Goats Head Soup’ Reissue Were ‘Useless’ Before Being Updated/Finished

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This Friday, Sept. 4, The Rolling Stones will release a revamped reissue of 1973’s Goats Head Soup. The band has been promoting the upcoming release heavily over the past few weeks, sharing previously unheard tracks like “Scarlet” and “Criss Cross,” dug up from the recording session vaults and remastered accordingly — but the initial inclusion of those songs were a hard sell on Mick Jagger, it turns out.

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“Scarlet,” a lost recording from the album sessions featuring Jimmy Page and Blind Faith’s Ric Grech, is one of the notable scrapped recordings unearthed for this box set, and even received a music video starring Irish actor Paul Mescal:

But despite all the attention given to these “new” songs, Mick Jagger initially reacted to word that they’d be included in the new reissue, he said, “They’re all terrible!,” before walking that declaration back a bit.

As Mick Jagger said in a Sunday Times interview this week, “That’s always my initial reaction, ‘They’re all useless!’” he said. “I mean, actually, I always liked the songs, but they weren’t finished.”

Now that the songs ARE finished, the singer has changed his tune a bit (as quoted by UCR):

“Sonically, they still sound like they were recorded then, even if they weren’t perfect,” he noted. “You can make them sound a little better than they did,” even going so far as to say, “these three songs are all up there with the rest of the songs on this record.”

As for Jimmy Page, he told the Times he was impressed with the new version of “Scarlet,” noting that, “All the guitar parts I remember doing, everything was on there. I thought it sounded really solid, and everybody’s really on form.”

The other unreleased song is “All the Rage,” which was teased as follows in a press release:

“All The Rage” has a wild, post – “Brown Sugar” strut and the percussive “Criss Cross” rocks and swaggers as only the Stones can. The bonus disc of unreleased material also sheds new light on tracks such as “100 Years Ago” and “Hide Your Love,” with further unissued mixes by Stones insider and acclaimed producer Glyn Johns. 

Additional details on the Goats Head Soup reissue, which is up for pre-order at our Rock Cellar Store:

The box set editions of Goats Head Soup will also include Brussels Affair, the 15-track live album recorded in a memorable show in Belgium, on the autumn 1973 tour that followed the album’s late August release. This much-sought-after disc, mixed by Bob Clearmountain, was previously available only in the Rolling Stones’ “official bootleg” series of live recordings in 2012.

The Brussels show features the already-classic “Tumbling Dice,” “Midnight Rambler,” “Jumping Jack Flash” and many others, and includes a sequence of tracks from the then-new album. “Star Star” is followed by “Dancing With Mr. D,” “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)” and “Angie.”

Additionally, the CD and vinyl box sets offer the original ten-track album in 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res mixes, along with the videos for “Dancing With Mr. D,” “Silver Train” and “Angie.” An exclusive 100-page book will feature a remarkable array of photographs, essays by writers Ian McCann, Nick Kent and Daryl Easlea and faithful reproductions of three tour posters from 1973.


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