Michael Stipe Released a ‘Cat Edition’ of His New Song/Video, Using Green Screen Magic


Last week, Michael Stipe premiered a tender new demo recording of a song titled “No Time for Love Like Now,” a song the R.E.M. vocalist worked out with Aaron Dessner of The National. An especially soothing song, it was a welcomed treat from Stipe:

He then performed the song in a segment submitted to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert –– filmed from his home/studio in that same green room, of course:

But did you notice the bright green sweater in the clip above? Stipe’s heavy green-on-green aesthetic added to the calm of the song, but it also lent itself for digital manipulation.

They say you shouldn’t appear on television in green, after all, due to the opportunities it presents for green screen editing.

Michael Stipe is ahead of the game, though, and released a new cut of the video on Thursday — a “Cat Edition” of the video, with a big superimposed cat face in outer space taking up much of the visuals. It’s great:

This release from Michael Stipe comes after he released a 4-step PSA regarding how to conduct yourself amid the coronavirus pandemic — specifically, tips for staying healthy during these uncertain times.

He also sang a bit of R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine),” which re-entered the music charts in light of the pandemic:


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