Metallica Releasing ‘S&M2’ Box Set in August, Per Lars Ulrich on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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Jimmy Kimmel Live has a running segment in which a health care worker appears on the program to be thanked and appreciate for his or her services during the COVID-19 pandemic. On Wednesday night, Long Island ICU nurse Tracey Bednar was the guest of honor, and she received a surprise video chat with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

In addition to thanking her for her work in helping those dealing with the virus, Ulrich invited Bednar to the next Metallica show in her area, promising a great time … and he also revealed that the band will be releasing a new S&M2 box set, bringing together the live recordings of Metallica’s Fall 2019 orchestral concerts at Chase Center in San Francisco:

Here’s Lars holding up a copy of S&M2, which has yet to be officially detailed outside of this video appearance, and looks pretty sleek, as far as packaging is concerned:

When released, S&M2 will be the second major orchestral live album release from Metallica, which released the first S&M live record in 1999, featuring their performance the San Francisco Symphony conducted by Michael Kamen.

The 2019 orchestral performances featured an orchestra conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas, and the S&M2 concert film streamed in theaters in October.

A noteworthy previous entry in Jimmy Kimmel Live’s #HealthCareHeroes segment was this one from late April, when Dave Grohl gave the same treatment to a very shocked emergency/trauma nurse from New York:


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