Metallica Covering the Stone Roses’ ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ in Rainy Manchester is a Thing That Really Happened — and it Was Great

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Earlier this week, Metallica stopped in at Etihad Stadium in Manchester and something unexpected happened. Inspired by the city the band happened to be in at the time and its rich history of influential music, the set featured a brief homage.

No, guitarist Kirk Hammett didn’t slip in a puddle and topple over mid-guitar solo — he’s already done that this tour, to great comedic effect — but he and bassist Rob Trujillo treated the gathered masses to a quick, reverent cover of the Stone Roses‘ “I Wanna Be Adored,” as a tribute to the legendary Manchester band.

All of this is something you probably didn’t expect to see regarding Metallica on the road in 2019, but it was a real thing that happened and, frankly, a pretty great one. When you think of the music of Manchester, few bands had as much of an impact as the Stone Roses, and that’s definitely one of their most beloved songs.

If only Metallica had tackled the Oasis classic “Live Forever,” too …

Rolling Stone published a great tidbit about this moment of the set. Apparently, it happens each night on the road, as the “Kirk/Rob Doodle” usually pertains to the city the band happens to be playing at the time:

“Sometimes it gets a little bit challenging to decide on an artist or a song,” Trujillo told Rolling Stone in 2018. “You may be in Sioux Falls, and you’re like, ‘OK, I gotta dig deep here.’ But when you find the right song, it’s really cool. It’s a way for Kirk and I to show honor and respect to some of the songwriters in the bands from that particular area. When you get into [places like] Omaha, Nebraska, it’s really a lot of fun.”


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