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Metallica Wants to Combat the California Wildfires, and You Can Help


The past few months in California have been exceptionally windy, which has led to some deadly and massively destructive wildfires stretching from Northern to Southern edges of the state — and Metallica wants to help.

To that end, the band committed $100,000 in relief efforts, it revealed this week.

The thrash metal band has long maintained a willingness to get out and help those in need, as James, Lars, Kirk and Rob collectively hail from California, after all. And through its All Within My Hands Foundation, the band’s social media pages sent out some heartfelt messages regarding lending a helping hand.

The AWMH Foundation was founded by the band in 2017, and cites its goals as follows:

In February of 2017, we announced the formation of All Within My Hands. The Foundation aims to assist and enrich the lives of members of the communities who have supported the band for years, as well as encourage participation from fans and friends. All funds raised will be donated to a cross-section of national and local charities… every penny from your donations will go directly to our charity partners.

As for the foundation’s mission and vision:

While AWMH is not the source of international donations, Metallica continues to spread its philanthropic efforts by donating a portion of ticket sales in every city visited to a local charity (predominantly food banks) and by encouraging fans to join both Metallica and AWMH in giving back around the world. 

Finally, 100% of the money you give to AWMH goes to the organizations we support. Not a penny from your donation is used to pay for Foundation expenses. The Foundation’s expenses are paid for by the band and the Board of Directors.

In that spirit, Metallica issued the following statement on Tuesday evening:


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