You Haven’t Heard the ‘Meow Mix’ TV Jingle Until You’ve Heard This New Heavy Metal Version

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Remember the Meow Mix TV commercials? The inescapable ads for cat food that were on your screen every few minutes, it felt like, featuring one of those jingles that took up permanent residence in your brain forever?

Sure you do. Here’s 14 minutes of archival Meow Mix commercial history as a reminder:

Well, a new version exists, and it’s a wonder to behold. It’s a heavy metal arrangement of the jingle by something called “Endless Hiss,” and it features some epic art. It’s all epic, really:

Fully “in” on the ubiquitous power of the Meow Mix phenomenon and its place in pop culture history, the company also rolled out two more variations of the song.

Here’s “Meow (ReMix),” a slick R&B anthem:

And, finally, here’s “Gatocito,” a play on “Despacito” and Latin-flavored pop jams:

Very well done, everybody. This is inspired stuff, and a pretty great way to get this back in the public conversation, especially in our social media-saturated climate that loves to jump all over this sort of silly nonsense.

Loudwire notes that a country-tinged version of the anthem is expected soon, and all of these variations are believed to be headed to the airwaves, too — because of course they are!


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