Watch Lindsey Buckingham Play a Four-Song Live-Stream Set — His First Singing Performance Since His 2019 Open-Heart Surgery

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Over the weekend, Lindsey Buckingham performed a four-song mini-set on Zoom for Nutanix — but this was far more than just an artist playing a live stream set, a phenomenon we’ve seen crop up abundantly in recent months as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The longtime Fleetwood Mac guitarist/vocalist, you see, underwent open-heart surgery in late 2019, an operation that weakened his vocal cords. Until this past weekend, Buckingham had not staged a public performance utilizing his singing, giving the proceedings an air of weight and accomplishment for the revered guitarist.

In additoin to performing “Trouble,” “Never Going Back Again,” “Shut Us Down” and “Big Love,” Buckingham answered some questions from the IT Unplugged host, with the whole stream lasting almost an hour. Watch it below:

In the video, Buckingham notes that he has essentially finished work on a new solo album, but its release is subject to delays caused by the pandemic.

“We don’t have a release date. I was meant to be out on the road now promoting it. It should be out in the spring [of 2021] sometime. It’s just self-titled: Lindsey Buckingham. We’ll see where that goes.”

To date, the most recent release from Lindsey Buckingham was 2017’s Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie, a collaborative project with his longtime band mate and musical colleague.

(Thanks to UCR for putting this video on our radar). 


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