Liam Gallagher Tweeted that His Brother Noel Has ‘Begged’ Him to Restart Oasis in 2022

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Oasis has been broken up since 2009. More than a decade later, there are still many around the world who would love to see the seminal Britpop band get back together … there’s just one big problem: perennially embittered brothers Liam Gallagher (vocals) and guitarist/songwriter Noel Gallagher remain at odds, and so far it’s been strong enough to dodge all reunion rumors ever since splitting up.

On Wednesday, Liam sent out a tweet, which read as a joke, referring to how he plans to “split up with myself” after his third solo album:

Liam recently released his second solo album, Why Me? Why Not. in September, for reference, and has played a handful of shows supporting it (including opening for the Who at the Hollywood Bowl).

Liam’s follow-up to the tweet above, though, sent Oasis fans into a frenzy:

Shout-out to Liam for the relevant Cher reference, at least.

It seems HIGHLY unlikely that Noel Gallagher picked up the phone, called his brother and “begged” him to get the band back together. If anything, this just reads like Liam teasing his brother — yet again — on social media, while continuing to fan the flames of a potential reunion.

But, it must be pointed out, “restarting” Oasis in 2022 would put the band in line to be an active unit for the 30th anniversary of their groundbreaking 1994 debut record Definitely Maybe

Or, he’s just joking and was bored on a Wednesday night. Probably that, and nothing more.

Unless …


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