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Watch Kim Gordon as a Creepy Rideshare Driver in L.A. in Her Provocative New Video for ‘Sketch Artist’


As hyperbolic as it may seem to read, you have not seen a music video like the new one from Kim Gordon, esteemed musician/visual artist perhaps most well known for her work in Sonic Youth.

The song, “Sketch Artist,” is featured on Gordon’s newly announced solo album, No Home Record, which will be the first solo LP released under her name to date when it is released on October 11. The clip, directed by Loretta Fahrenholz, depicts Gordon driving a rideshare vehicle around Los Angeles, but the visuals are stark, dark and twisted:

Pretty jarring, isn’t it?

Some insight about the album via its news release:

No Home Record was produced largely by Justin Raisen (Charli XCX, Ariel Pink, Sky Ferreira) at Sphere Ranch in Los Angeles, along with contributions from Shawn Everett (Jim James, The Voidz, The War on Drugs) and composer/filmmaker Jake Meginsky (L’appel Du Vide). Gordon’s solo debut album’s title is a nod to the French-Belgian director Chantal Akerman’s film No Home Movie. 

“‘Why a solo record? And why now?,’” Gordon mused of the upcoming solo debut. “I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have happened without the persistence of Justin Raisen. Living in LA the last few years it feels like home, but the transience of the place makes it feel sometimes like no home.”

No Home Record – Tracklisting:

1 “Sketch Artist”
2 “Air BnB”
3 “Paprika Pony”
4 “Murdered Out”
5 “Don’t Play It”
6 “Cookie Butter”
7 “Hungry Baby”
8 “Earthquake”
9 “Get Yr Life Back”


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