Joni Mitchell: Stream Digital EP Featuring 5 Unreleased Songs from ‘Blue’; ‘Archives: Vol. 2’ Coming 10/29

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Originally announced back in September 2020, the Joni Mitchell Archives series promised a wealth of material celebrating the robust recorded output of the legendary singer/songwriter.

The first edition of the series of releases, Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years 1963-67, offered a glimpse into some early recordings, and the next, Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 2: The Reprise Years (1968-1971) will be released on Oct. 29.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mitchell’s classic 1971 album, Blue, which hits the milestone on June 22, Rhino Records has released Blue 50 (Demos & Outtakes), a digital EP of five unreleased recordings from the album sessions. The tracks will appear on the Archives collection, and can be streamed below:

More on the tracks:

Each track on Blue 50 (Demos & Outtakes) is a standout, including the demos for “California” and an early version of “A Case Of You” that features different lyrics from those heard on the final album. There are also two alternate takes on the EP. The first is a version of “River” that adds French horns, unlike the album version, which features Mitchell solo on piano. The other alternate take is for “Urge For Going.” Mitchell originally wrote the song in the mid-Sixties and often included in her early live sets. She later revisited the song during the sessions for Blue, recording a version that included strings, that differs from the version that was later released as the b-side to her 1972 hit “You Turn Me On, I’m A Radio.” The final unreleased song is the studio recording for “Hunter,” another song that was cut from Blue at the last minute that Mitchell later performed live but never officially released on an album.

Out July 2, meanwhile, is The Reprise Albums (1968-1971) box set, available in 4-CD, 4-LP, and digital versions. It will include newly remastered versions of Blue (1971) and the three albums that came before it: Song To A Seagull (1968), Clouds (1969), and Ladies Of The Canyon (1970).

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Click here to pre-order The Reprise Albums (1968-1971) on 4-LP from our Rock Cellar Store

The track listing for The Reprise Albums (1968-1971):


1. I Had A King (2021 Remaster)
2. Michael From Mountains (2021 Remaster)
3. Night In The City (2021 Remaster)
4. Marcie (2021 Remaster)
5. Nathan La Franeer (2021 Remaster)
6. Sisotowbell Lane (2021 Remaster)
7. The Dawntreader (2021 Remaster)
8. The Pirate Of Penance (2021 Remaster)
9. Song To A Seagull (2021 Remaster)
10. Cactus Tree (2021 Remaster)


1. Tin Angel (2021 Remaster)
2. Chelsea Morning (2021 Remaster)
3. I Don’t Know Where I Stand (2021 Remaster)
4. That Song About The Midway (2021 Remaster)
5. Roses Blue (2021 Remaster)
6. The Gallery (2021 Remaster)
7. I Think I Understand (2021 Remaster)
8. Songs To Aging Children Come (2021 Remaster)
9. The Fiddle And The Drum (2021 Remaster)
10. Both Sides, Now (2021 Remaster)


1. Morning Morgantown (2021 Remaster)
2. For Free (2021 Remaster)
3. Conversation (2021 Remaster)
4. Ladies Of The Canyon (2021 Remaster)
5. Willy (2021 Remaster)
6. The Arrangement (2021 Remaster)
7. Rainy Night House (2021 Remaster)
8. The Priest (2021 Remaster)
9. Blue Boy (2021 Remaster)
10. Big Yellow Taxi (2021 Remaster)
11. Woodstock (2021 Remaster)
12. The Circle Game (2021 Remaster)


1. All I Want (2021 Remaster)
2. My Old Man (2021 Remaster)
3. Little Green (2021 Remaster)
4. Carey (2021 Remaster)
5. Blue (2021 Remaster)
6. California (2021 Remaster)
7. This Flight Tonight (2021 Remaster)
8. River (2021 Remaster)
9. A Case Of You (2021 Remaster)
10. The Last Time I Saw Richard (2021 Remaster)


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