Commemorate John Prine And His 2018 Album ‘The Tree of Forgiveness’ with Archival Videos and Posts on Social Media

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The passing of country/folk icon John Prine on April 7 due to complications related to the coronavirus was a tragic loss for the music community. The contributions he made to music and culture as a whole, not to mention the legacy he left behind and the influence he had on legions of musicians in his wake cannot be understated.

This past Monday, April 13 marked the two-year anniversary of Prine’s album The Tree of Forgiveness, which was released to widespread acclaim in 2018 and earned three Grammy nominations — for Best Americana Album and Best Americana Roots Song (for both “Summer’s End” and “Knockin’ on Your Screen Door”).

To mark the occasion, the John Prine social media pages began a campaign this week, celebrating both the album anniversary and Prine’s legacy with archival footage from the era:

Today marks the two-year anniversary of John’s last record, The Tree of Forgiveness. In honor of this release, we will be sharing special memories, photos, videos, and quotes throughout the week. “My wife is managing me now. And our oldest son is running the record company. So the two of them ganged up on me and said it was time to make a record. I made them get me a suite at the Omni in downtown Nashville. I checked in there with ten boxes of ideas, just scraps of paper from over the years. And I locked myself in there for a week ‘til I came out with a record.”

That introductory post was followed with this, taken from the album studio sessions:

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“It was actually one of the easiest records I've ever made. It wasn't that I didn't believe in all the songs, I just I thought I was going to the studio to get maybe four songs that I liked, get them recorded, then take a break and write some more. But things were going so good. I kept remembering songs I hadn't done … and that would turn out great, one after another. But the big surprise for me is that my records usually get received by my audience really good, but this record is something that's crazy. It's got stardust on it or something. It just keeps [going]. It's got legs and it keeps on running around, and we do all 10 songs every night in our show. … It's just a great feeling.”

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As well as this video, a quick chat with John Prine in his hotel room before he took the stage at Radio City Music Hall with Sturgill Simpson (who, coincidentally, also documented a battle with COVID-19 this week):

However long this series of videos and footage from John Prine’s social media accounts last, this has been a treat — and a very warm commemoration of that record.

Stream it below, via Spotify:



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